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Bristle Goose OrnamentBristle Goose Ornament
Bristle Penguin OrnamentBristle Penguin Ornament
Bristle Polar Bear OrnamentBristle Polar Bear Ornament
Bristle Reindeer OrnamentBristle Reindeer Ornament
Bristle Sloth OrnamentBristle Sloth Ornament
Bristle Squirrel OrnamentBristle Squirrel Ornament
FINAL FEW - Bristle Ostrich OrnamentFINAL FEW - Bristle Ostrich Ornament
Papier-mâché Bauble Checkerboard Green/RedPapier-mâché Bauble Checkerboard Green/Red
Papier-mâché Bauble Checkerboard Pink/OrangePapier-mâché Bauble Checkerboard Pink/Orange
Papier-mâché Bauble Stripe GreenPapier-mâché Bauble Stripe Green
Papier-mâché Bauble Stripe OchrePapier-mâché Bauble Stripe Ochre
Papier-mâché Bauble Stripe PinkPapier-mâché Bauble Stripe Pink
Papier-mâché Bauble Stripe RainbowPapier-mâché Bauble Stripe Rainbow
Papier-mâché Bauble Stripe RedPapier-mâché Bauble Stripe Red
Papier-mâché Flower OrnamentPapier-mâché Flower Ornament
Spun Cotton Toadstool OrnamentSpun Cotton Toadstool Ornament